Top Football Players Salary Comparison Using PPP – Purchasing Power Parity

Football is the game of money. So top football players salary comparison using the PPP calculator is important for their fans specially. There is the biggest audience behind the football game. Several sponsors from all over the World participate in all the events related to Football Leagues, Tournaments, and of course, the FIFA World Cup.

In the days of the FIFA World Cup and other vital Leagues, teenagers, youngsters, adults, and older people get their remotes to switch sports channels to watch live matches and events. Football is not just a game, it renders heavy finances to all associated with it.

Top Football Players Salary Comparison Using PPP

There are players, managers, scouts, sponsorships, workers, and the management team. On the top, we have football players who are the highest-paid competitors or the sportsmen. The players make money from their salaries, agreements, and sports events. I’m not talking about players from one country or one state. So you can use a PPP Calculator to compare their salaries across different countries.

Because, athletes are everywhere, and comparing the wages of football players from different countries is trivial. You must evaluate the important Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) idea. You can also do comparison on country level like purchasing power parity india vs us.

What is PPP (Purchasing Power Parity)?

There are various languages, civilizations, backgrounds, and currencies worldwide. From developing to developed countries, there is a considerable difference between their currencies, and here the PPP steps into the game.  The PPP forces our attention to the equilibrium. For example, your hometown is France, and you want to buy a product.

Yes, you purchase a product, and if you buy an identical product from another country, you will either pay a higher or lower price. Here is the reality or the story of every individual. Thus, PPP takes an equilibrium between two currencies as you can buy the same product at different locations or countries with the same amount.

Top Football Players Salary

The players’ performance decides their ranks and net worth. Let’s discuss some world’s best and rich footballers.



No one does not know Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is one of the best players that has scored in several World Cups. It had a strong collaboration with Manchester United that has ended. Now, you will see him with the club Al Nasar which gives him 135 to 136 Million Dollars. He earns Millions of Dollars just from the club. There are some other earnings sources.

People use PPP to have the comparison of his earnings with other countries. Ronaldo is first on the list of highest-paid players. PPP converts earnings from 136 to €92.08  Million because of Portugal’s comparatively low expenditure level.



Messi, a winner from the last FIFA World. I know after knowing this, no one will argue about his performance. He is a worldwide celebrity with a massive fan base. He is one of the top players with the second-highest income after winning the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Mainly, the pay is 129 to 130 Million Dollars, which is a considerable amount for his living. While playing in or for the United States keeps him in the benefits. Because according to the Purchasing Power Parity, France is something better than the United States, and this is the reason for the conversion of Messi’s salary from 130 Million Dollars to €91 million. Seriously, PPP is magical.

Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé

Another professional footballer has made his space in the top 10 world-best footballers. He also made ten debuts when he was just 30 years old. That is amazing, and mainly, he earns most of the money from endorsements with top brands. Likewise, he appeared as the game ambassador in 2022.

He is an inspiration for youngsters. Sometimes, he remains in top stories or discussions due to his performance and sometimes due to conflicts with the federation. The dispute started when the player refused to appear in the photo with the national team of France. He earns 120 Million Dollars, and due to a PPP conversion rate of 0.70, his salary becomes €84 million.

LeBron James

LeBron James

We are not just introducing the famous footballers, but also the investors or stockholders. Thus, Lebron has influential skills in entrepreneurship. Like other top players, he also receives a heavy amount from different brands for his ambassadorship. In addition, you have also seen him as a producer. Yes, of course, he is a multitasker.

He has played for famous clubs, and from his different and impressive appearance, people know him by his surname, James. Collectively, he earns 119 Million Dollars. Furthermore, with the extension to PPP, we all know that the United States has a 1.0 PPP conversion rate. For this reason, there will be no change in this case.



Another inspiration from the world of football is Benzema. Some people consider Benzema a junior version of Ronaldo. No one can forget his performance in his recent matches. He has joined the Al-Ittihad club. Professionals count Al-Ittihad in the well-known clubs, and Benzema charges 113 Million Dollars yearly as his earnings.

This way, PPP will give you the actual impact of Banzema’s salary. Compared with France, the living expenses are less than in the United States. There will be at least a gap of 30%. This way, according to PPP, Benzema’s salary becomes €79.1 Million. It means that you will spend 1 US Dollar for a thing in the United States, and for the same thing, you will use just 0.70 in France.

Comparison PPP Salary Table

FootballersSalary in the USPPP Salary
Cristiano Ronaldo136 Million Dollars€92.08 Million
Lionel Messi130 Million Dollars€91 Million
Kylian Mbappé120 Million Dollars€84 Million
LeBron James119 Million Dollars$119 Million
Benzema113 Million Dollars€79.1 Million

Role of PPP in Football’s World

You have understood better the significance of the Purchasing Power Parity for the sports game football. Players with different countries, languages, beliefs, and appearances participate in football tournaments. In this situation, PPP is a significant concept and remains the top priority during the agreement signed between the club and the player from the changed country.

For example, if a British club is going to sign a football player from Brazil, Top Football Players Salary Comparison Using PPP will help them decide on the best and fair salary package. PPP is not just bound to the salary but also the participation of PPP in endorsement dealings.

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